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5 International Foods That You Need To Try

Tasting the cuisine of a different country is an amazing way to both understand their culture and expand your own experience. For many, it is the first port of call when travelling to a new city, with travellers seeking out restaurants and cafes as their introduction to a new location.

There are so many different cuisines in the world, not only geographically but historically too, with a number of communities seeking to revive their traditional dishes while others explore exciting new gastronomic cuisines. This is why, perhaps more than ever, it is a remarkable time to begin exploring the world with your tastebuds. And, to help start your ambitious journey, we’ve collected five of our favourite international foods that you simply must try.


You may have heard of bao. You may have heard of jiaozi. But have you tasted baozi? This Chinese bun brings together the fluffy, steamed goodness of bao, stuffed with aromatic and flavourful ingredients, and the crisp, fried serving of jiaozi. It truly is a match made in heaven. So, if you see the iconic stack of bamboo steaming baskets, be sure to stop by and taste what’s inside!

Jollof Rice

Few dishes are as endlessly moreish, giving you that just one more bite mentality, than jollof rice. This spicy, smoky dish comes from West Africa, and with debatable origins, as the residents of Ghana and Nigeria will tell you! Served as both a main dish and a side, it is vibrant in colour as it is in flavour. Thankfully, due to its growing popularity, you can now find it in British supermarkets too, so be sure to look out for jollof rice by VaroFoods next time you shop.


Literally translating as ‘army base stew’ this remarkably spicy and exceedingly flavourful dish is a South Korean favourite. Its key ingredient is, surprisingly, Spam, which seasons the dish with its iconic saltiness. Due to military presence in South Korea and the popularity of Spam on the bases, this fusion dish became popular around the country and, even years later, remains a favourite among locals.


To the undiscerning British resident, this dish may appear to be chips, cheese, and gravy but it is, in fact, so much better. The essence of poutine, which some claim to be the national dish of Canada, is cheese curds. These chewy, delicious cheese bites retain much of their integrity even under the rich, stock-based gravy. You can find this dish from street vendors in various provinces but it will be best served in Quebec and New Brunswick, so keep an eye out if you’re passing through.


The Russian dumping is very similar to Poland’s pierogi but is made distinct by their process. The dough, importantly, is as thin as can be, enabling the filling to be as abundant as possible. The ingredients for the filling will also be raw prior to cooking. This means that all the flavours of the ingredients are kept inside the dough for a full and amazing flavour.