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BBQs 2U – Residential Ooni Pizza Ovens for Fuel Efficiency and Superior Cooking

Ooni Pizza Ovens are becoming a go-to brand in the UK. At BBQs 2U, the demands for residential Ooni ovens are on a rise because of their fuel efficiency and capabilities to cook a perfect crusty pizza. Now, pizza fans don’t need to visit the restaurant or invest significantly in traditional pizza ovens. BBQs 2U started out selling barbeques and accessories from branded manufacturers like Napoleon, Masterbuilt, and Kamado Joe.

BBQs 2U deals with a few branded products and accessories that are vetted for performance and innovation. Ooni has released awesome models including Koda 12, Koda 16, Karu 12, Fyra 12, and Pro 16. The ovens are designed with fuel flexibility. Users can choose a fuel that suits their needs including gas, coal, pellets, and wood. From cooking tasty pizza to baked veggies, roasted fish, fresh bread, and seared steaks, Ooni offers unbelievable flame-cooked meals. 

Ooni Koda 16 is gas-powered and portable. It has a large baking surface and reaches blistering hot temperature essential to bake an ideal pie. It is a user-friendly and convenient outdoor oven. The propane-fueled oven with a large baking surface allows more maneuverability for tossing, moving, and rotating the pizza while it bakes. Propane is used, so there is a constant flame [until the tank is full]. Koda 12 costs are significantly less than Koda 16. 

Buyers who desire a dash of Smokey flavor or have limited outdoor space can choose Ooni Fyra 12 because it has a 13 ½ sq. inch cooking space with a 13” by 20” footprint. The price of the wood-pellet-fueled Ooni Fyra 12 is a little less. Its heating capacity and baking quality are similar to Koda 16 but are smaller, lighter, smokier, and significantly cheaper. 

One hopperful of the wooden pellets is equivalent to 15 minutes of cooking time, the baking stone is small and the oven opening can make maneuvering pizza while cooking a little hard. It is a great option for a home with fewer social events. It bakes awesome pizzas, but needs attention to fire and fuel maintenance. 

Ooni ovens have a three-year limited warranty covering defective parts and a 60-days cash back policy if the purchase is unsatisfactory. Accessories are optional and you can find them on the BBQs 2U website. Invest in Ooni perforated pizza peel, cast iron sizzler pan, skillet pan, modular table [medium & large], pizza cutter wheel, pizza cutter blade, oven brush, and hardwood logs. 

Ooni Pro is a sleek oven with more internal space and a tall chimney. It generates and retains high heat due to ceramic fiber insulation. It operates on multi-fuel including wood, pellets, charcoal, and gas. Ooni offers convenience in moving every model even the heaviest one Ooni Pro [48 pounds]. Entertain guests comfortably in the backyard with tasty pizzas cooked in a quickly preheated oven [15 minutes].  

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