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Best Cheese Curds Appetizer And Small Bites You Can Serve In A Restaurant

Despite the origin stories of the cheese curds being mixed, with no definitive answer, this doesn’t stop cheese curds from being so delicious.

Fresh cheese curds are a by-product of cheddar cheese; they are often about the size of a peanut and can be white or light orange. The taste of these small pieces of cheese is often similar to other dairy products, and the texture is unique. Cheese curds have a rubbery and moist texture, with a beautiful savoury, salty flavour.  Cheese curds can also be seen as a healthy alternative to other types of cheese.

Cheese curds can be served in a variety of ways. Deep-fried cheese curds are often served at fairs, carnivals, and sometimes they can also be found in Wisconsin, Iowa, and Minnesota fast-food chains in the United States. This is because Wisconsin is well-known as the home of cheese curds.

However, Poutine is still the most popular way of eating cheese curds. If you didn’t already know, It’s a classic French-Canadian recipe that includes French fries covered in hot gravy and cheese curds.

Even though poutine is the most popular use of cheese curds, if you have a restaurant or work in a business that uses cheese curds in their dishes, the options are unlimited. Cheese curds can be included in a lot more dishes than you might think, making it the perfect addition to your menu items. The taste and uniqueness of cheese curd dishes attract new customers to your eatery.

Here are some excellent cheese curd dishes that you can add to your menu:

Cheese Curd Fruit Salad

Apples are a great pairing with cheese curds because of their crunchy texture, and the flavour pairs well with the saltiness of the curds. Prepare a salad with slices of fresh apple and cheese curds. Then, add celery and walnuts, as well as grapes. To go a step further, squeeze in a few drops of lemon, and your dish is ready to serve.

Cheese Curd Pasta Salad

There is nothing better than fresh cheese curds in your pasta salad. It is best to stick to the traditional pasta salads with macaroni and mayonnaise and then mix in tomatoes, green peppers, and pepper before mixing the cheese curds. This would be even better with a second cheese; try shredded cheese for an enhanced texture.

Fried Cheese Curds

The best way to eat cheese curds is to deep fry them. As long as you aren’t watching your weight, you can regularly eat deep-fried cheese curds. Combine egg, flour, milk or beer, salt, and baking powder to make the batter. Cover the cheese curds in batter, then fry in vegetable oil until they are golden and crispy.

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