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Cranberry Pecan Granola Is both Wholesome and Appetizing

Whether dessert or savory, granola gives cuisines an unmistakable gusto. Cranberry pecan granola can be a perfect cereal to start the day. It is a wholesome breakfast containing lots of crispy oats, almonds, and pumpkin seeds mixed with sweet cranberries. Cranberries have high nutrient value with antioxidant property give multiple health benefits when consumed as a part of a balanced diet. It is an evergreen dwarf shrub native to North America cultivated over fifty-eight thousand acres of farmland across Canada, Chile, and the US. Search shows antioxidant, and other therapeutic properties of cranberries lower the risk of urinary tract infection (UTI) and certain types of cancer.

Since 19th Century

You can craft your own granola recipe consisting of nuts, seeds, and dry fruits; coconut and chocolate chips would add more zing to it. Make whatever version you desire. It is always nutritious and delicious. It is quick to make and delicious to eat once you make it on the weekend. It lasts for a week. Granola has been the preferred choice of breakfast for children and adults since the 19th Century; it is the most nourishing breakfast option, which can be consumed as a food topping or filling snack.

No Salt or Cholesterol

Often a healthy breakfast is not considered lip-smacking, but granola is both wholesome and tasty. You can consume granola in a different fashion; you mix it with yogurt, top it on bread or muffins, or mix it with milk. Moreover, it keeps you warm on a chilly morning. This old staple breakfast comes with high nutrient value as it contains almonds, cashew nuts, and various seeds. The high fiber content gives you a fuller sense and is good for controlling weight with no side effects. The cereal contains no salt or cholesterol that triggers obesity, and the fiber content adds mass to digested food as the fiber absorbs water. Consequently, you feel less starving, and it regulates the ghrelin hormone that makes one feel hungry.

2.95 Grams of Iron

Many people around the world are suffering from anemia, but early symptoms are mostly undetectable. This medical condition is created due to a deficit of iron which is crucial for the production of red blood cells. Symptoms of anemia include exhaustion, headache, cognitive disorder, and anxiety. Granola provides an adequate amount of iron that fights anemia. A serving of hundred grams of granola contains 2.95 grams of iron, making it an awesome breakfast for people suffering from anemia. Some brands come with extra iron content making it more beneficial for anemic people.

20% Recommended Dietary Allowance

Vitamin E (alpha-tocopherols) is present in Cranberry pecan granola which is crucial for skin texture, vision, reproduction, blood health, and brain functioning. Vitamin E has antioxidant property that fights against free radicals, molecules generated during metabolism or exposure to cigar smoke and radiation. A single serving of granola provides around 20% recommended dietary allowance (RDA), which is 4mg daily for men and 3mg for women. Granola also contains manganese which relieves the symptom of migraine. Manganese has anti-inflammatory property that helps blood circulation, improves suppleness of blood vessels, and prevent muscle spasms that cause intolerable headaches. Nuts (almonds, cashews), figs, wholegrain, eggs, green vegetables, and seeds are good sources of manganese.