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How To Keep Cheese Sauce From Contamination When You Are Buying In Bulk For A Restaurant?

Bulk buying is a common trend in the restaurant industry, and it saves time, money, and your environmentalimpact. Non-perishable products like rice, pasta, and honey are easy to store, which means most restaurants buy in bulk.

These days, cheese products, especially cheese sauce, are one of most consumed cheese items in a restaurant, be it a burger, pasta or tacos – all of these are incomplete without cheese sauce. So, restaurant owners have started buying cheese products in bulk.

However, when storing cheese products that lie in between perishable and non-perishable, there are many aspects to consider. You need the right skills to make sure the cheese sauce is not ruined.

If not handled properly, cheese products like liquid cheese sauce can grow mould really quick, and then they cannot be consumed. However if stored carefully, it can be used for months.

There are various techniques to keep cheese sauce from contamination; here are some of the most effective ones:

Maintaining Proper Hygiene

This is an essential– not just for the cheese sauce but for all items. Hygiene is very important to lessen the chances of contamination. So, proper hygiene protocolsshould be followed like washing hands, using separate equipment, using clean containers to store things, and sanitising the work area.


Freezing is the simplest way to keep the cheese sauce from contamination, and the low temperature does not allow the bacteria to grow. The temperature of the freezer should be steady at below 0 degrees, and your cheese sauce will remain fresh for a long time.

Small Sized Packaging

Commercial kitchens have multiple chefs touching the cheese sauce, and more hands leads to more bacteria. To avoid this, you should divide cheese sauce into portions as per the consumption in your restaurant. This way, you can defrost a single portion and keep the remaining untouched.

Lastly, the most important thing is to buy high-quality liquid cheese sauce without nasty chemicals and additives.

High-quality cheese sauces are not just delicious and free from preservatives, but their packaging is top-notch, so you don’t have to work a lot on the storing process. It can easily be thrown into the freezer, and you are done.

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Pure Dairy is a popular name among restaurant owners in Australia, when it comes to cheese products like cheese sauce, shredded cheese, burger cheese slices and others.

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