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The magic of Vietnamese cuisine

Vietnamese cuisine focuses on preparing food with the freshest of ingredients and uses meat mainly as a condiment. The meat; always looks lovely and well-presented since the whole animal is used. The recipes use less oil or frying and instead opt involves slow braising and grilling. Most dishes are like a party in your mouth – sweet, sour, salty, rich with texture and temperature factored in. The cuisine makes the best use of seasonal fruits, vegetables, and grains.

Vietnam started making a big push to showcase modern Vietnamese culture and made travel fairly easy and cheap to the country, this brought in a new generation of people who tried to understand a country their father or grandfather fought and maybe died in. This cultural exchange and promotion were a boon to Vietnamese restaurants across the world and allowed further and faster expansion into places where their niche foods might have had a hard time finding an audience.

Healthy and tasty is a rare combination

Unlike Chinese food, which can be unhealthy due to the oil and fat content present in it, and western food, which can be highly processed, full of sodium and dairy products, Vietnamese food is usually low in calories and is dairy-free.  Vietnamese food does not use a lot of salt or grease-like all the other Asian foods do. Meat is usually barbecued in garlic fat and then dipped in lime, salt, and pepper or it may be cooked sticky.

Fresh herbs together with other fresh vegetables are added to the food or eaten directly with an array of fish sauces. It is really cool and makes the Vietnamese cuisines different from other countries. Vietnamese food makes your tummy feel full for longer since fiber from greens gets burned by the body slowly as compared to carbohydrates, which are one of the major components of all other types of cuisines. The Vietnamese believe that food should be a perfect balance of hot and cold, meat and fresh herbs as well as spicy and sweet.

Authentic Vietnamese cuisine

Vietnamese cafes and restaurants have proliferated dramatically in the past two to three years. The best Asian restaurant at Richmond is controlled by business visionaries who live off their energy for food, utilizing passed-on plans and cooking procedures. One such place is Hanoi Hannah, the restaurant places a lot of emphasis on style, and its trendy appearance and cheap menu attracts suitably intense crowds to the modestly-sized outpost. Vietnamese restaurants like Hanoi Hannah also have rice dishes that are very popular and filling. Most will have your choice of beef, chicken, duck, and pork.

Hanoi Hannah brings the fresh and vibrant flavors of Vietnam to the streets of Melbourne. Located in Richmond, this stylish venue has classic Vietnamese furnishings, English-speaking staff, and a large menu running through Vietnam’s entire culinary heritage.  The restraint is low-lit and with a distinct Vietnamese vibe but without the tacky-themed restaurant appearance which most places have. Visit their website for more information.