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Things to Consider When Picking a Pizza Corner in Montreal

Even the very idea of buying and relishing a pizza should be a delight, not a nightmare. Yet, sometimes, people have a horrible experience with both: ordering is tricky and the taste is trashy! To save yourself from such disappointment, it’s very crucial that you order a pizza from a pizza house that loves making pizzas as much as you love eating them.

So, in this guide, we have compiled the reasons why some pizza corners such as Double pizza are amazing options and also the reasons why their pizzas taste best. Have a look!

What Makes Some Pizzas Corners Better?

As simple as it sounds, cooking a pizza is a work of art. Pizzas from different pizza joints taste different because they’re cooked differently. If you want to side with the best tasting ones, you must know how to differentiate between food corners.

Here’s what an ideal pizza corner such as the livraison Double Pizza Montreal does!

  1. They are Heritage Businesses

When small family-run businesses make pizzas, it’s their passion that makes their pizzas taste so good.

  1. They have recipes passed from generation to generation.
  2. They use products from local farmers instead of using packed products.
  3. Whether it’s their cheese, meat, veggies, or anything else (even spices), everything is fresh.

They knead their dough fresh instead of selling pre-made pizzas by simply heating them. That’s the biggest reason that their pizzas taste so good!

  1. They Want More and More People to Taste Their Food

Their motto is to acquaint every person with the knowledge of what a pizza should taste like. This is why they constantly come up with deals to make pizzas affordable. They offer deals for pickup orders as well as online orders.

Some of their best deals that you must check out include the Back to School special combo, the Pickup special, and the C2 special combo deal.

  1. They Offer Rewards to Their Loyal Customers

If you’re their online customer, pizza corners such as Double Pizza offer a loyalty program. Here’s how it works:

  1. You order from their menu online.
  2. Every 5$ spent on their website gives you 1 point.
  3. 30 points can be cashed to buy either 3 toppings or 1 all-dressed pizza for free.

So, the next time you’re buying a pizza, make sure you check out how the pizza corner is because it turns out that any food tastes only as good as the people making and serving it are. Pizza enthusiasts such as Double pizza are the quality benchmarks you should always aim for.