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What is the Best Wood for Smoking Meat?

Most of you will know that smoking meat can really add to the value of your BBQ cooked meats. However, does it really matter what type of wood we use, or will they all offer a similar result? Well, the wood that you choose to smoke can make a major difference depending on the meats used. Read this article to learn about the best (and worst) woods for smoking.

Cherry Wood

If you’re looking for a great wood to smoke your meat, cherry wood is an excellent choice. Its mild flavour is ideal for pork and poultry, and it can be mixed with hickory and applewood to give your BBQ the perfect balance of flavours. For a more fruity flavour, use oak wood, which is the king of hardwoods. It will complement the taste of most kinds of meat. Also, if you’re looking for a stronger aroma, eucalyptus or eastern cedar are both excellent choices.


If you’re going to smoke beef, pork, or chicken, you’ll need a good wood. Hardwoods are more aromatic than softwoods and will not cause flare-ups. They will leave the meat with a mahogany colour, which pairs well with many types of meat. If you’re smoking poultry, try a different type of wood. Generally, maple is the best choice.


Evergreens are the worst wood to use for smoking. They contain sap that doesn’t add any flavour to the meat. They’re best for poultry and small game birds. Redwood is also bad and is the worst option for those who don’t like smoky meat. The best wood for smoking fish is hickory. These woods are sweet and go well with a variety of meats.


The legna per affumicare is hickory. It has the highest smoke-producing capacity and is the most expensive wood for smoking meat. It is a natural choice for smokers. There’s also a wide variety of smoked woods. Although the hickory is a popular choice for smokers, it’s not necessarily the best option for all meat types.


When it comes to choosing a wood for smoking, maple is an excellent choice. It produces a mild, sweet smoke that’s great for pork and poultry, but doesn’t make your meat taste bad. You can also use other woods if you’d like a stronger flavor for your meat. So, which one is the best? All these options will enhance the flavor of your meat.