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What is the Difference Between Organic Meat and Normal Meat?

In today’s time, consuming eggs and meat has become a major half of our diet plan. Hence, it has also become extremely important for us to know the source and travel route of our food. We must know the positive and the negative implications of conventional food on our bodies, on the animals, and the planet. Hence, we should think of switching over to organic food, which is much safer and carries multiple benefits.

Differentiating organic and normal meat

Normally, organic meat refers to the meat that is derived from livestock that leads a pollution-free life in a healthy environment. They are completely free from synthetic growth and hormone therapies and are not injected with any harmful antibiotics or preservatives.

On the other hand, normal meat has added hormones, which let the farmers feed the cattle with less and lower-quality feed and still be able to produce leaner meat. This benefits the farmers from reduced cost of raising the animals, which eventually makes it cheaper for the end consumer. However, it is not a healthy option.

Also, the meat that is declared 100% organic must be completely raised on free range. They must have adequate roaming space both indoors and outdoors and must be fed with organically grown feed. All this makes organic animals happier and healthier as compared to conventional animals. So accordingly their meat qualities vary.

What is the difference in the nutritional profile of organic meat?

Organic meat is higher in nutritional content as compared to conventional and grass-fed meat. They have high quantities of omega-3 fatty acids and the levels of minerals and antioxidants are a bit higher in them. They offer an average of 16% more omega-6 fatty acids and 47% more omega-3 fatty acids. Organic meat is derived from cattle that are fed organic and non-GMO feed. Hence, the nutritional levels that we achieve from them are always at par as compared to others.

Organic meat has been able to prove its category better than anyone else. They are better at animal welfare, sustainability, and the nutritional value that they provide. The farmers follow a strict animal treatment regime and they also create strict guidelines for all organic-certified products. Grazing organic cattle also helps in lowering greenhouse emissions. This surpasses all the standards set by conventional meat.

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