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A Guide that Everybody Pizza Lover Should Read! 

Choosing a pizza corner is just as important as choosing a pizza because different pizza corners offer different qualities at different rates. If you’re visiting Montreal or you’re from Montreal itself, it’s absolutely worth it that you try some freshly-baked pizzas from home-run businesses like livraison Double Pizza. The many benefits of trying the Menu of such pizza houses are as follows. 

They Use Everything Fresh 

No matter what, whether it’s the dough for pizza base or the veggies for toppings, everything is fresh. The livraison Double Pizza Montreal is connected with many small farmers in Montreal. They bake them fresh dough for making pizzas instead of using shortcuts. 

The freshness quotient makes the taste a zillion times better. 

They Always Have a Legacy Recipe

Indeed, their passion for pizzas makes them explore many new varieties to serve their customers. Yet, there’s always a legacy recipe that makes them different. They know just the right seasonings and spices to enhance the flavor of every single pizza that they serve.

Pizzas for Them are Not Ordinary Foods 

With more than 2 decades of legacy in the pizza business, home-run chains like Double Pizza aren’t motivated by money. 

Their love for food is their motivation! They always keep coming up with unique combo deals since they want it that everybody should be able to afford what they sell. 

On that note, let’s now walk you through some of the bestselling Double Pizzas combo deals that you must try to develop a taste for quality at the budget that you can afford! 

3 Best Double Pizza Combo Deals You Should Try 

  1. The Summer Special Deal

You will have the option to choose any one medium pizza (pepperoni, all-dressed, Hawaiian, Cheese, or vegetarian), a medium packet of crispy French fries, and 2 cans of Pepsi. 

The entire meal is available for 14.99$ for pickup orders and 19.99$ for home delivery.

  1. The 7-Days Pickup Special Deal

You can buy a large cheese or pepperoni pizza at just 9.99$ and 12.99$ for a large all-dressed pizza. 

  1. The C2 Special Deal 

This budget-friendly deal is for online orders only. You can buy any 2 medium pizzas of your choice, 2 medium fries, and a 2L bottle of Pepsi at just 24.99$. 

Customizing any deal is always an option too! Do check out the double pizza menu to explore more variety!