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Teppanyaki Vs. other Japanese cuisines- What is the difference?


There are many diverse cuisines to choose from in Japan. Teppanyaki, a form of cooking that uses an iron griddle on top of an electric. This method of cooking dates back to the 1800s. Teppanyaki is now available in various restaurants around the world and has become extremely popular. However, for the best experience, you must visit Asami Teppanyaki & Cocktail Bar, a Japanese restaurant at Gold Coast

Teppan means “iron plate,” while yaki means “to cook.” The grill distributes heat quickly and evenly, making it ideal for delicate chores like delicately frying shrimp tempura. The grill can also be utilised as a cooktop surface for sautéing foods that don’t require a lot of heat, like thinly sliced onions.

What are the primary ingredients used in Teppanyaki cooking?

A teppanyaki dish can be prepared in various ways, and nearly no two cooks create it the same way. While each chef’s technique may vary, there are four everyday staples: beef steak, vegetables such as onions or peppers, seafood dishes such as shrimp tempura, and various sauces and side dishes such as noodles. 

Carrots, cucumbers, ginger root (pickled), green onion/scallion mushrooms (like shiitake), Soy sauce (tamari), and water chestnut are all typical teppanyaki components (sliced into rounds). The ingredients used in teppanyaki might also vary depending on the locale. Regardless of where you’re from, the teppanyaki experience will be one you’ll never forget!

What makes Teppanyaki unique at Asami?

A Teppanyaki experience at Asami is unique because they present the traditional Japanese cuisine most authentically. Here, a chef prepares your dinner directly in front of your eyes at a table for ten people, using fresh ingredients and a variety of sauces to make every bite delectable!

Chefs use blades explicitly designed for teppanyaki that are sharp enough to cut items without hurting or leaving any rough edges. Furthermore, depending on the restaurant you visit, each restaurant has its specialties to provide you with a distinct teppanyaki experience.

Teppanyaki is sometimes regarded as a more intimate and engaging dining experience. Unlike typical Japanese restaurants, where you order food from the sushi bar or the teishoku (set menu) section, Teppanyaki allows you to engage with chefs. At the same time, they make your meal directly at your table on an electric grill!

You’ll have a good time, laugh together, and bond while eating something delicious if you try teppanyaki with your friends and family. Plus, because it’s a community table, there’s always room for one more person.

Teppanyaki at Asami is a must-try, especially at the Gold Coast, so put it on your following bucket list right now!


Teppanyaki is a style of Japanese cuisine that varies from others in that it is prepared in front of visitors on an iron skillet. Teppanyaki is one of Japan’s most popular cooking styles because it’s a terrific way to spend time with friends and family while eating delicious food! Try it at Asami Teppanyaki & Cocktail Bar for the most memorable experience.