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The Divine Qualities of the Famous Rose Water

How would you know if the water you are drinking is made from rose? Well, you would know the difference of rose water from ordinary potable water by the following characteristics:

  • Colour – Rose water is definitely clear in colour.
  • Aroma – Rose water has a sweet and exceptionally fragrant aroma to it that is kind of ‘magical’.
  • Flavour – Aptly described as a full floral explosion, rose water has a perfume-like savoury and a sweet note with just the right trace of bitterness to it.

If that’s not enough, here are some fun facts about the famous rose water that you might find incredible:

  • Funeral use – People in Iran rub rose water on their hands and face when attending funerals. The belief is that it relaxes the mind and body so as to make the pain bearable.  
  • Ancient use – Back in the 14th century, Cleopatra was said to have bathed in it while the Romans mixed rose water into their wine, associating it with the goddess of love -Venus .
  • Hygiene use – This special liquid is effective as a mouthwash, too, but the best thing is, you can spray it on yourself as a natural perfume!

Healthful Qualities of Rose Water

Aside from those things cited above, did you know that rose water has more marvellous qualities? This sweet-smelling water has a lot of potential benefits to one’s health according to experts. Besides, it has been used since long ago not only in beauty products but in food and beverage products as well. Check these out.

  • Anti-ageing potentials – When used topically and absorbed through the skin, the appearance of wrinkles is lessened, this, on top of relieving skin irritations.
  • Mood enhancer – A study done on mice in 2011 found that rose petal extract helped soothe the central nervous system. And for this, it was concluded that the water contained some antidepressant and antianxiety properties.  
  • Antibacterial properties – If you have burns, cuts or scars that have healed faster when applied with the ‘miracle’ liquid, that’s because rose water contains not only antibacterial but also antiseptic properties. As such, it fights against infection that can worsen burns and cuts. Further, because of its ability to fight and heal infections, rose water is used in a lot of natural remedies and medicinal treatments like eye drops including healing ointments and creams. Lastly, it can aid in improving one’s complexion by reducing acne and skin redness due to irritation.
  • Anti-inflammatory qualities – Rose water helps prevent skin irritations from getting inflamed and is even thought to treat a myriad of external and internal ailments.

Still, if you are not convinced yet about those heavenly qualities of rose water, why not see for yourself? To get an idea where to buy rose water in Australia, simply visit this page.