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The Standard in Korean Table Etiquette

Han’s Chimeak is introducing the culinary joys of Korean cuisine to Boise and the surrounding area with our distinctive pairing of Korean fried chicken and draft beer. We are renowned for reinterpreting traditional Korean street cuisine in creative ways. Have you ever wondered what it could be like to eat American food in a Korean friend’s home or at a Korean restaurant in the middle of Seol? The fact that eating habits in the US and Korea vary greatly from one another should not be a surprise, but have you ever given them any thought? Learn the underlying principles of appropriate eating etiquette by reading on.

Learning To Use Chopsticks: A Must

One should display appropriate table manners for social contexts even after they have been consumed. Every meal consumed by a Korean individual is eaten with chopsticks. It is crucial that you keep this in mind when you go to a Korean house to dine. Chopsticks should only ever be handled in the right hand at all times, and they should never be pointed toward anybody else. Chopsticks must always be handled in the right hand since it is the only hand that can be trusted to use them properly. Place them on a plate or dish first, then once you are done with them, store them in a container. It is customary for each person to have their very own pair of chopsticks to use when eating since it is seen as one of the greatest forms of impoliteness to pass food from one person’s chopsticks to another. Not least of all, you must never, ever, ever lick your chopsticks. The most important rule is this one. To act in such a way toward another individual is really rude.

Keeping an Eye on Your Chopsticks

It is important to remember that it is improper Korean dining etiquette to put your chopsticks into your food; hence, you should always be aware of this fact. As a result, you should always have this knowledge in the back of your mind. When not in use, rest the tips of your chopsticks on the lip of your dish or bowl to prevent them from disappearing. In Korean tradition, placing a victim who is still alive on top of a bowl of rice while the victim is still cognizant is seen as a form of suicide. Additionally, it is considered polite to avoid gazing at elderly people while eating, to cease conversing while you are eating, and to finish all of the food on the table before getting up to leave the table. Before getting up to depart, all of these things need to be completed. Additionally, you should accept any additional food or beverages that are offered to you. Once you’ve done so, you should show your appreciation by giving something else in return. Both sides are said to have worked together on this. This expresses your respect for them as well as your gratitude for the assistance they have given.

Being a Good Guest: Allowing Others To Serve You

It is essential to remember the proper dining manners that are followed in Korea while dining with Korean friends or acquaintances. Since this is one of the strictest restrictions that must be followed, bear in mind that you are not allowed to pour your own drinks. Instead, one of the other diners at the table—typically the oldest person present—will be given the honor of serving beverages to the other guests. The host does this to demonstrate their appreciation to the people seated at the table for their hospitality. Additionally, it offers the chance to show hospitable behavior by looking out for others in the neighborhood. It’s important to keep in mind that you should never pour your own drink while dining with Koreans. In Korea, this is accepted as normal. This is seen as the norm when it comes to Korean food. Instead, assign the task to someone else!

Furthermore, it is highly valued in Korean culture to acknowledge your thanks to a giver after receiving anything from them. The individual who gave you the thing deserves a “Thank you” from you. This not only demonstrates your kindness and appreciation for others, but it also conveys your regard for the effort they have made on their behalf. Always remember to say “thank you” when someone fills your glass. This shows that you are well-mannered and have respect for the person who filled your glass with water.

When to Leave Food on Your Plate

It is important to remember that leaving food on a dish after you have done eating it is considered wasteful while dining with Koreans. In Korea, this is seen to be the standard. Finish everything that is on your plate if you can; if not, at least make sure that nothing is wasted. It is conceivable that the person you are serving won’t see leaving a few pieces of food behind as a show of disrespect in certain circumstances, such as when you are full, or there is a lot of leftover food after a filling lunch.

To begin eating before the other diners at the table have received their food is seen as being quite disrespectful. Koreans often place the food in the center of the table and let visitors help themselves rather than distributing dishes around the table. Getting some practice with chopsticks in preparation may be quite helpful since using them is something that every diner must do at some point throughout the course of the meal.

Volume Control

It is important to remember that, in accordance with Korean customs, you should exercise caution when it comes to how loud you are during meals, both while you are eating and when you are drinking. This is true in both instances. The purpose of this is to prevent you from upsetting anybody by talking loudly when you are eating or drinking in public locations. In a number of social contexts, slurping and belching are seen as practices that are unpleasant and uncomfortable. Additionally, while you are still eating from the bowl or plate that the food was provided on, you shouldn’t remove the dish from which your portion of the meal is served. Use the spoon or chopsticks that were supplied to get your slice instead. It is polite to decline any more portions provided to you if you have already had enough at the first meal to show thanks to your host. Before you begin, wait for everyone else to finish their meals before you do. The most crucial piece of advice I can offer you is this one.

Respect Is Paramount: Knowing Your Manners

It is important to act responsibly and observe local dining habits while visiting Korea. Visitors are required to treat their hosts with the greatest respect and courtesy at all times. This is the situation that occurs the majority of the time. It is traditional to express your gratitude to your host for their kind hospitality during the meal after supper has been prepared before you leave. Additionally, while pouring drinks for others, you should always use two hands and stack them together just below the elbow. Spills won’t occur as a result. This will demonstrate to the recipient that you value and are grateful for their gift.


It won’t ever again be possible for you to have the chance to discover a new culture. You’ll have a lot more fun if you can find out how to do it while gnawing on anything you choose. Even if Han’s Chimaek doesn’t make you use your newly learned etiquette, you may still wow your loved ones, friends, and coworkers with this astounding information to make your dinner even more enjoyable! The next time you want to sample a new cuisine or simply need a place to relax after a long day at work, go to Han’s Chimaek. You won’t be dissatisfied with the result. While you’re there, get some of our Korean fried chicken and a great draft beer of your choice. We provide a huge selection. For more details about our restaurant and to consider your options, go to