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What’s so special about Belgian fries? 

Are you sure French fries were invented in the U.S.? You can’t be sure here because fries were invented in Belgium and they were meant for royalty. 

People take their fries too seriously in Belgium, and that’s why it’s a delicacy there. 

The question is – What’s so special about these Belgian fries? 

We can think of many reasons, dear friend. Keep reading to find out what’s so special about Belgian fries. Dive right in! 

Belgian Fries aren’t wimpy 

Special potatoes are used to make Belgian fries. The cut is thicker as compared to the regular fries you get. 

With Belgian fries, you know you’re not going wrong! 

The Belgians fry it at a low heat first and then it is deep-fried at a higher heat. This way they ensure that fries stay crispy and not wimpy or soggy. 

The interiors are soft and succulent, but the exterior is crispy and perfect. 

Belgians take their fries very seriously 

Most people in the United States treat it as a side dish, but in Belgium, it is the hero dish! 

They serve it up with some mayonnaise or all kinds of dips that bring out the flavors in the French fries. Now, the mayonnaise you get in Belgium is less sweet as compared to the one you find in the United States. 

Belgium fries are the real deal – once you eat them, you are not going to look back. 

A Lil Sneak Peek into the History of ‘French Fries’ 

Sure, French fries came into existence in Paris, but they were perfected in Belgium. 

The fries you eat in food chains aren’t as crispy or tasty. You would always need ketchup or mayo to make it taste good. The sogginess of the fries makes you want to dig into a burger and keep the potato fries aside. 

Summing Up:

French fries came from France, but the Belgians are responsible for the success of the recipe. Belgium produces and consumes a lot more potatoes than France, so they have been perfecting the fries for many years. 

People consider it a cheap street food, but the Belgians didn’t treat it that way. Cooking any kind of fat used to be expensive because it required deep frying and a lot of coal or wood was needed to cook it. 

Thus, the Belgians take their fries very seriously. If you’re in for some fries, consider ordering in from Frite Alors. The taste will leave you craving for more.